Small business contract management software

Anne Hertz
Anne Hertz
June 11, 2022
Small business contract management software

Contract Management Software for small business

Finding the best Contract Management Software for Small Businesses

How small businesses are different for contract and document management?

When owners of small businesses or self-employed people hear of contract management, they assume it is only for large companies. This, is, however, not true, contract management software is relevant for small businesses as well. Such companies include independent lawyers CPA, small law agencies. A reason why small businesses should engage in contract management is they often enter into sales and purchasing contractual agreements. There are some who have intellectual property agreements that they are required to stick to, and this applies mostly to the self-employed people.

The contracts entail details of the transaction, the kind of work they will be doing, time deadlines, nature of the job at hand and scope of the transaction. Having such importance, it is important that the company invests in software that will help them manage their contracts from their beginning to the end. This covers all the processes from start to finish. Advancement in Technology has made it possible for software to manage contracts efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

Why is it required to select the best small business Contract Management Software

It is always advisable for organizations to plan and prepare before they implement the software in the organizations. One of way of doing this is by training employees and ensuring that they have the skills that are necessary to use the software. A reason for this is that if the employees are not well equipped to handle the software, they may cause an error that may lead to the tiresome task of rearranging the contracts and orders all over again. You can also put someone in charge of its implementation and administration.

Benefits of Contract Management for Small Businesses

Small businesses get into different contracts that accumulate over time. If the organization does not include proper measures into their implementation, it can lead to loss or damages. Proper management if the contracts also lead to a better relationship between the businesses and its customers because there is never any guesswork. This is especially regarding deadlines because customers like to get their products and services on time.

No More Papers - The digital transformation

Many people still prefer using hard-copy contracts which can get misplaced, fall into the wrong hands and affect the businesses, or get damaged. By saving all your contracts in a computer or cloud servers, you can always be assured of their security from prying eyes and any form of damages.

Helpful Tools to boost productivity

Another benefit of contract management software is that you will have access to helpful tools such as advanced workflow management as well as other monitoring and financial applications that will make your life so much easier. This is especially if you are self-employed. If you have employees, it will help them as well and save much time for them to do other things along their lines of work. This is because the tools can enable you to make contracts of high quality within a short period. Sometimes it could be half the time it used to take you to come up with the contracts manually.

Keeping Track and Organized

At times, it can be very difficult keeping track of all the contracts in your business. It might be hard for you to know the completed contracts and the ones that are still pending. By use of contract management software, you can be able to alert everybody involved about the agreements that are still in the pipeline. Once they are completed, you can mark them as completed and move on to the next one. Sometimes people forget about certain obligations and commitments in a contract. This happens as every contract is unique in its own way. You will not forget any of these if you are using the right CMS. You will also not forget important dates such as the dates for renewal of certain aspects of the contract.

Reduces Inflated Costs

Most companies have had to grapple with the issue of inflated costs. The latter can affect a new or small business that is only trying to get on its feet. Contract management software will reduce incidents of inflated costs and strengthen compliance with both external and internal policies. With all of the above in place, you will enjoy enhanced relationships with your customers and suppliers.

Tracking Changes

Parties to a contract often make necessary changes for smoother transactions. Tracking these changes can be quite time –consuming and tedious. This is especially if you are dealing with stacks of different contracts. People who run small businesses or the self-employed ones need to save much time because there are not many hands to make work lighter. Contract management software will enable you to track these changes quickly and easily. You can get information on the particular days that you made the changes as well.

Businesses Negotiations

It is critical to prepare adequately for businesses negotiations if you want to be successful in businesses. If you are ill prepared, you may end up with the short end of the business stick and if this happens many times you could lose much money. With the software, you will be able to collect and summarize relevant information from various contracts and other binding documents. The information will help you make will prepare you to negotiate from a point of knowledge. Additionally, the negotiations will be much smoother and faster.

Choosing the Correct Contract Management Software

If you are looking for any contract management software, you will not have a problem as there are quite many of them from different companies. However, if you are looking for an exceptional, relevant and efficient contract management software, you should be on the lookout for some key features that could help further your course.

Needs of the Company

Having looked at the benefits of contract management software, some people will go out and buy one that does not cater to the needs of their business. Small businesses should especially be careful in this regard so as not to end up with software that is too costly because of its sophisticated features that are not relevant to them. If your business is not so big, you may only require an application that will in sending alerts whenever you achieve a particular milestone. Although some businesses are small in size, they might require the software to be an integral part of its day to day running. You can make a choice based on the needs of the company for both the short-term and the long-term.
The idea behind contract management software is increasing productivity by reducing risks and the time needed for creating and maintaining contracts. So many organizations are struggling with manual processes and it is often a sigh of relief when they find software that they can work with easily. The process of contract managements starts with accessing data as fast as possible to cutting costs. This can only be possible if the function of the software match the needs you have for such systems. Ensure that the software you end up with is functional.

Simplify Legal Aspects and Minimize Legal Risk

Contracts are legal documents and using them properly can simplify any legal issues that may arise A good example is when either of the two parties want to change any clause in the contract. CMS also facilitate external and internal audits which are crucial for anyone who is seeking to keep up with their finances. In some cases, contract management software establishes organized controls. They have been quite instrumental in ensuring that there is a proper framework for adequate contract reviews.

Do more with Limited Resources

In today’s world, people are expected to do much with limited resources. People whose businesses are only starting out greatly benefit from this concept. While it is known to work most of the time, there are instances where one might emphasize too much on productivity which could lead to shortcuts and unwanted omissions. Another benefit of contract management software should look for one that can help them be efficient in their work, given the limited resources. It should also have the ability to streamline the procedures by removing a number of steps.
An example is when sending contracts for financial approval should be on the basis of criteria like the value of the contract and the kind of agreement. Depending on the available data, and details, tasks can be routed mechanically to the appropriate parties that need to intervene and look at the contract for the next steps.

Sustain Profitable Agreements

Not all contracts are profitable for all companies, and this is especially for the long-term when there can be incidents of a supplier increasing their prices or decreasing the quality of the goods. There are, however, many agreements that can offer sustainable profits for your company. Those are the contracts that your company should strive to uphold. You should study all existing agreements to have a competitive advantage. When you need a new contract, you require contract management software.

Key Milestones

Regardless of the size of a company, there are some key milestones that you should always keep in mind. The ideal contract management system will not just give you Trigger-based alerts. The process will entail the use of sophisticated but user-friendly workflow capacities. With such features, your workers will be able to work on relevant items to get decisive milestones.


When looking for the ideal contract management software you should choose software with features that will help you view contracts easily. It should also enable a person to change or renew their contracts easily. This helps to save much time that you can use for something else. Having much time on your hands may enable you to work on different contracts on the same day.


Most companies have come up with user-friendly contracts for their clients. This has helped to make the whole process easier for most companies. However, there are times when a person might need some support to work effectively with the software. Software companies are now offering their clients online support, and you can greatly benefit from them. The best news is that the support can be twenty-four hours every day, and this means that busy companies or online businesses can take advantage of the support as well.
Support can come in the form of training and strategic planning as well. Some companies will offer to implement the software for you. There can be charges for the implementation or the fees for the services can be included in the cost of the software as well. Your company may also need support in the form of email support, software upgrades, help desk software, and call centre and data conversion services. It is also important to consider the issue of support when buying software for your contract management

Semantic Unification

Semantics always presents a nightmare for people who are trying to carry out contract management. T here is always the issue of precision in the wording of the document. The latter is vital to all businesses including the small businesses. With the correct wording, you can come up with a very solid contract. You can produce many drafts as well. You may have to deliberate a single word for days, weeks on end. There are instances where the craft may have to go back and forth between the two parties. The document feature is crucial for keeping up with semantic changes. It occurs in all the documents you open and will let the user know if there were any changes as well as the identity of the person that made the changes. You should be on the look out of the features that can make semantic unification easier for you.


Most businesses owners find themselves stuck when it comes to coordination of the different aspects of their contracts. For instance, they might need to implement changes in their contracts. Here, they might need software that will record and merge the changes so as to enhance coordination in the company. All these changes can be merged within a few seconds which means that you will be able to review the merge as it happens and go on to use it when producing the final draft. You should, therefore, choose a contract will help in coordination and thus make your work easier.


Interoperability is one of the factors that most people will consider when looking for the ideal contract management software. It can be very costly having to buy multiple software just because the first one did not work as intended. You should ensure that the software is compatible with other office applications for smooth operations in the businesses. It will also help you save on the costs as you will only buy single software to manage your contracts instead of each for the various functions.

Agent Communication

Drawing drafts in a business is a process that takes place after much deliberation and negotiations. After the process, you may end up with thousands of notes and drafts, which will multiply into more documents and drafts. In the past, people would file all of these drafts in drawers or paperclip them together. Alternatively, they would pile on their desks. Such situations can be difficult because of lack of space and people may have a hard time organising them. The above problems plague people that save their documents electronically as well. It can be difficult finding the latest draft in such a situation. You may find yourself sending a number of drafts to different people so that they can send their collaborative efforts right back to you. Whenever these people open and save the drafts onto the drive, they take up too much space while downloading many drafts for changes at the same time. It gets worse when they end the drafts back because the result is just too many of them for you to handle.

Having the correct contract management software will help such cases by using digital thread technology which connects the how, who, where, what, when of all the drafts. It may create a sort of family tree for the drafts or a helpful flow chart that will help you see your exact position in the protocol. You will no longer have to worry about the order of the drafts as they whirl in because the software will track them thereby saving you much time as well as storage space that will be helpful for other things. Having the ideal contract management software means that you get to save the protocol of the contract

Steps to Effective Contract Management for Small Businesses

There are some steps that a small business should follow to ensure a smooth process of contract management. If you do not follow some of these steps, you may end u with a gap that may be too difficult and too costly to fill in the businesses despite you having the correct contract management software. Additionally, if you have a good understanding of how to effectively manage your contracts, the purchasing process of your business will greatly improve.


You should invite everyone who will be concerned with the process of contract management to a meeting Do not forget those that the process will impact as well. At the meeting, you should emphasize the fact that senior management endorses the program. If possible, let a senior member of the management team coordinate the meeting. You should also give them reasons why the company is implementing the programs.


You should come up with a comprehensive plan that will see the successful implementation of the contract management program to ensure that all the departments in your company are dedicated to providing a cost effective method of managing the contracts. The plan should have all the tasks to be accomplished and who will be heading each task. It should also have a date set for its completion


After implementing the contract management software in their companies, most executives will leave its administration hanging. There will be no one in charge of the systems, and this will ultimately threaten its success. You can appoint the purchasing manager if you have one to be in charge of the system. If you do not have one, then the IT manager can be in charge of it .If you are self-employed and are the sole operator of the business, you should know that your mandate has been expanded and take a keen interest in how the system is working. The person appointed to head the administration of the contract management system will oversee the project from its start to completion and use. They should ensure that the project ends on time and is within the set deadlines.


When a company decides to document its contract management system, it is usually an assurance that all employees handle their contracts in the same manner. You should, therefore, specify a particular workflow and the tasks that people or different departments are supposed to complete in the set workflow. You should also specify how exceptions in the workflow will be handled.


You should out in place measures to ensure that everyone who will be involved in the contract management process undergoes training which will include the guidelines and terms for the process.


You should also come up with stands for contract management. The standards should revolve around functions such as maintaining accurate documentation, ensuring you have complete addendum for the contract and noting all the relevant changes in the contract.


You should also come up with metrics to assess and measure the effectiveness of your contract management software. Metrics in this regard will include accuracy in the process of contract preparation as well as the time it will take to retrieve as well reference the contracts when they are needed. The measurement stage is very important as you will know if you are using the correct software or not. You will also be able to know if you need a simple upgrade or to overhaul the entire system and change vendors altogether.


Your contract management system should undergo auditing from time to time, and you should use a particular checklist for your reference. The checklist should entail the specific aspects to audit and inspect. It should also entail the expected results that match the audit standards of the contract.

Anne Hertz
Anne Hertz
Contract Management Specialist - CMx Contract Experience at Sysintellects.

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