Quick Create Document

  • By clicking on Contract Number on Manage Contract Page grid, various sub-options appear.
  • To Create a new word file to attach to the contract as document user can select Quick Create Document from the sub-options.
  • After clicking on the Quick Create Document option the following screen appears and the user can create a new word file to add with existing contracts documents.
  • User Can Select either create New Blank document for creating a new word document or can create a document from Template.
  • After entering the data into the word file, the user can save the file and close the word file. (user can  close the word file by clicking on the red x icon on the top right corner.)
  • word file will be added to the contract document list with ".docx" extension type file.
  • Click on Manage Contracts from the left navigation menu bar and the user can view the particular contract where New Word file is added in the documents tab.