Sent For Signature

CMx provides inbuilt Electronic Signature support, follow the below process to send a PDF OR DOC or DOCX files for signature one at a time.


Package:  A Signature Package is a set of documents sent to one or more recipients for electronic signature.

Status: Prior to signature, the status of a document is either created or pending. After Signature it becomes Signed or Executed.

Sent For e-Signature

From the Manage Contracts, click on Sent For e-Signature menu option to start the send signature process.

Starting Signature Process

From the top right section, click on New button to send a new PDF document for signature. In the first screen of prepare for signature, select the PDF document that should be sent for signature by clicking on the Choose button. Once the selection of the document is made,  Click on Upload button so that the document is uploaded to the server. In the next step, add the recipients who should be signing the document.

You can add one or more recipients for signature process.

  • Once both the document and the recipients are entered, click on Next button in the top right section of the screen.
  • Next step is to prepare the document for the Signature process by marking the places where the signature should be placed.
  • Drag and drop the icon with pen in the document where it should be signed by the recipient. (See below screenshot).
  • You can navigate to any page in the document by clicking on the Previous or Next Button in the document bar and place the Sign Here tab.

Once the document is prepared for signature by placing the Sign Here tabs, click on the Send Button on the top right section. This completes the process of sending for Signature by CMx and all the recipients receive an email with a unique URL requesting for signature.

A new signature package record is created and should be visible in the Manage Signature Packages screen:

Signing Ceremony by Recipients

Each recipient receives an email which looks similar to below:

The recipient clicks on the unique signature URL in the email which takes them to the Signing page in CMx:

On clicking Sign Here, the recipient can affix the electronic signature.

Finalize the Signature Process by clicking on the Save button, accepting the terms and conditions checkbox and clicking on the Complete Signature button.

Once the signature is finalized by the recipient, the document status is changed to Executed and the signing process is complete.