Login using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Two steps are involved in MFA login.

Step 1:Provide user name and Password.

Step 2:On Successful Login,enter MFA 6 digit code .

MFA settings:

  • Click on Manage Contract Link from Menu,Manage contract Screen displays with "Settings" Tab on top right hand side of the screen.
  • Click on settings,Click on "Multi Factor Authentication settings" Tab.
  • Admin can select the users from scroll box, for whom the MFA needs to be enabled and clicks on save.

To Set Google Authenticator Application:

  • Download Google Authenticator Application in your mobile..
  • Open Google Authenticator App , Select Menu Option  Click on Setup Account.
  • Now  Scan a barcode  and point to the above barcode in the screen till you hear a beep sound which indicates successful registration of bar code in Google Authenticator App.
  • You can register barcode of more than one users in Google Authenticator App and it will display  different 6 digit  numeric codes for each user registered
  • Once barcode is successfully registrated,
  • enter the 6 digit numeric code for the user registered from google authenticator app to the input text box and click on send button.

To Login Using MFA:

  • Hit the CMx URL,provide valid username and password in the login screen.
  • On successful Login result in CMx prompting for the MFA 6 digit code in a second subsequent screen.
  • where user needs to enter the correct MFA 6 digits code for the user from the mobile application Google Authenticator.
  • On all subsequent login of the same user , no QR/bar code registration required in the Google Authenticator App. Only the 6 digit numeric code needs to be entered in  for successful user login.