Establish Simple Professional Contract Repository

Contract Repository Software

CMx - Contract Management Experience integrated central contract repository software that can store millions of contract documents at the enterprise level and authorized users can search, retrieve and view the contracts within sub seconds using an indexed search similar to search engines allowing users to navigate using simple previous next access controls to browse through the contracts metadata and agreements.

Users have the ability to search the entire private legal contract repository using various filters like contract type, company, department etc. Organizations looking to have easy accessibility to contractual documents and assemble documents to implement a paperless environment, and execute a full Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Solution, CMx - Contract Management Experience product offers an integrated contract/document repository to support the storing, tracking and management of documents, contracts, attachments and images securely. Enterprise Contract repository provides full enterprise document management functionality delivered through a modern, user-friendly interface combining the best of document assembly, workflow and reporting for contracts, financial documents, legal documents, customer communications, and more.

Contract Repository

CMx - Contract Management Experience - Contract Repository Software also provides:

1. Various levels of security enforced through permission schemes ensures that only authorized personnel create, edit and read documents and contracts.

2. All contract document attachments are encrypted and stored in the data store to enforce high level of security and can be accessed only through the secured url by authorized users.

3. Full and automatic version control visibility, allowing users to easily track document status and contract revisions, and providing an audit trail of changes.

4. Advanced sub-second search features enabling users to find documents based full text search or by targeting more precise metadata properties.

5. Reminders, tasks and alerts helping users comply with business and regulatory deadlines, milestones and important dates.

6. CMx Contract Software Repository integrated with work flows, transforms Document Assembly Solution to deliver full advanced Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management.