Custom email sender address configuration in CMx Cloud/On Premise

In order to configure custom email sender address, below steps needs to be done and confirmed by someone from your IT team so that CMx can use your preferred verified sender email:

(1) Create a new email address inbox, which will be used to send automatic notification emails from  Contract Management System (CMx). We do not need access to this email inbox and only you will have access.


This shall be a “noreply” kind of email.  for which you can be the “owner” of this address.

(2) “n order to configure the sender email in CMx instance, there are few steps that need to be done by your IT or someone who can access to your domain ( DNS records:

The steps include verification of the domain, DKIM and SPF settings of the sender domain which is explained in detail in below URL , so the person should have access to make additions (adding TXT records) to the existing DNS records.

Below is a sample of our current configuration for "" for which you can see that it is verified (all green checks) , DKIM Valid and SPF Valid.

(3) Once above 2 steps are done please confirm back to us at : and we will check and make sure it shows green and do the rest of the configuration.