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Mission statement

What's the mission behind CMx?

CMx (an abbreviation of Contract Management Experience) is on a mission to build the best Contract Engagement Platform (CEP) that provides the best experience in managing contracts and business relationships in a smart way (Common sense first and then all others including Artificial Intelligence). CMx CEP can optimize your relationships with 3rd parties with specific focus on contract automation, workflow automation, electronic signature and business process improvements.

Why CMx?

Main difference is CMx is a two way real-time CLM Engagement Platform (and merely not a static repository of contracts and document storage with configurable forms/workflows) where the focus is to enable the  customer organization (your company)
to maximize revenue and reduce legal, procurement, financial & compliance risks by providing ability to analyze contractual relationships and thus optimizing business relationships.

Our Values

The values that hold us true and to account

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Customer Centricity

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Your Contract Management Process should not be by managing excel sheets, smartsheets , google sheets, manual, semi-automated or clunky. Sign up for CMx today and rest assured you are on your path to make your life easier.

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