Generate Contract

Using Generate Contract function, you can generate word documents from MS Word template embedded with custom field values (When required) with the click of a button and share it internally or externally within CMx.

See Quick Demonstration Video here:

Follow below setup for creating a word template and annotating the word template with replaceable values wherever required within the word document:

(1) Creating a Microsoft Word Template Document.

Download Here. (Note: This is a simple .docx file with annotations which is used as a master template document for generating further documents from it)

Note the annotations within ${}, these are the dynamic fields CMx replaces with actual values when generating the word contract document. For example ${ContractingParty}  refers to the party name with whom the contractual obligation is being made.

Reserved Keywords (NOT to use in Custom Field Names)

Annotating Commonly Used Fields

Annotating using Default Main Fields

By default CMx adds below properties into the generated document when embedded within the word template document:

Annotating using Custom Fields

Use below steps to annotate MS Word document using Custom Fields.

  • Create Custom Field Form in CMx without any white spaces.
  • Use the same exact field name (case sensitive) to annotate similar to default main fields above
  • For example, if the field name is: BillingRate, the annotated value in the template will be: ${BillingRate}

Note: Spaces and special characters are NOT allowed in custom field annotations, means no  ' and ô or any other special characters.

Supported Additional Template Fields

CMx adds below properties into the generated document when embedded within the word template document:

(3) Generated Contract Document:

And the Contract Generated will have the data in tabular format once annotated correctly.

(2) Create Contract Template in CMx with the MS Word document annotated in Step 1.

Click on Contract Templates from the left navigation menu and then on Create Contract Template.

Enter a name and description for the contract template and browse for the MS Word document template created in Step1 and click on Create button.

Verify that the Contract Template is created successfully in the Manage Contract Template screen.

(3) Create Custom Field Form in CMx if there are any custom field values that are required in the generated Contract Word Document. (OPTIONAL STEP)

Click on Custom Field form on the left navigation menu.

Provide and name, description for the custom field form. Drag and drop required custom fields.

(NOTE: White spaces are not supported in custom field names for generate contract annotations. For example: "Billing Rate" is not supported. The correct field name is: "BillingRate")

Drag and drop a single line text from right to left section.

The new field will appear like above with label as "New text".

Click on the second icon pointed by the red arrow and it will bring up the Options dialog screen.

Provide Label name without numbers or special characters or white spaces as above and click on Okay button.

Provided Label name should be visible above the custom field text as similar to below.

Add all the required single line text fields that you need following above steps.

Once done, Scroll all the way down and click on Create or Update button to save the custom field form.

(3) Create a Contract Type and attach the Contract Template and Custom Field Form created in step 1 and 2 above.

Click on Contract Types from the left navigation menu and click on create contract type.

Provide Name and description and select the contract template created in step 1 above and custom field form in step 2.

Click on Create/Update.

Verify in Manage Contract Types screen that a record exists with the details of updates that you made above.