Manage Contracts

Manage contracts screen displays the list of all existing contracts. To view the manage screen, click on Manage Contracts link in the menu.

In the Manage contracts screen, click on Create contract button to create a new contract, click on Contract number drop-down, where you can see the following actions.

  • Quick Create Document-To Create a new word file to attach to the contract as documents and create a document from Template.
  • Create New Spreadsheet-To Create a new spreadsheet to attach to the contract as documents.
  • Edit File Online-To edit the documents attached to the contracts online.
  • Share File-To share the file with other users of CMx (both internal or external). For sharing to external users just add the new email similar to google document sharing.
  • Edit Contract - To update an existing record.
  • send For Internal review-To Send the contract for approval for a person within the organization.
  • Send for Manual Signature-To send a contract for manual signature to the Contracting Party.  
  • Send For  Signature-To send a contract for signature to the Contracting Party.
  • Renew Contract-To send a contract for Renewal.
  • Cancel Contract -To Cancel the Contract.
  • Purge Contract - To Delete the particular contract.