Contract Management Software Features

Two Factor Authentication

Verification Code Required from Mobile Phone

We take security of our customers very seriously and have implemented world class security mechanisms and processes which involves periodic security audits to make sure that we serve best of the breed security for our product's users:

1. Optional Multi-factor/Two Step authentication (MFA) for secured login access. Administrators can enable MFA for selected users or for a group of users. When MFA is enabled for a user , In addition to a strong username and password for login , a dynamic pass code token from registered mobile phone is enforced. This means at any point of time , just username and password is not enough for accessing your contracts but also a dynamic six digit passcode enforced by the users registered mobile phones.

2. Secure Multi-Tenancy in Cloud : We do not share customer data stores across multiple contract cloud customers and each customer data lives in separate exclusive data stores.

3. Fine grained highly customizable role/permission scheme based security system for users (Full, Read-Only, No Access by default, any other combinations possible through configuration) Access to only administrators, read-only users, end-users,departments and groups within a contract organization.

4. World class Secured SSL Certificate: CMx protects you from brute force and other cyber attacks by implementing a world class SSL certificate which has 256-bit encryption along with 2048-bit root certificates. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your contracts and other information using both server authentication and data encryption to all the browsers. The SSL certificate we use is backed by 1M USD warranty.

5. Encrypted data storage , all contract documents are stored in encrypted format by default.

6. Secure Data Center: Our world class data center is certified and follows compliance for security standards : ISO 27001 , PCI DSS , CSA