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CMx ContractExperience provides simple, reliable, legally compliant Centralized Contract Management Repository
that is secure & customizable for automating and optimizing your contract process from request to electronic
signature to approvals connecting users from multiple groups,departments and geographic locations.
Contract Migration and Contract Fields Classification becomes an easy breeze with CMx Contract Management Technology.

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Some of our featured diverse customers


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software Solution: In Cloud or On Premise.


Securely store all of your enterprise's contracts from all departments and retrieve in sub seconds using highly efficient indexed search from online or on premise contracts repository.


Highly efficient in-built Contract review and approval work flows adapting to your business makes it easy to run your day to day business operations.


Multi-Factor/Two Step Authentication (MFA) for secured Contract Management Application, Secured Multi-Tenancy with exclusive data storage, Fine grained highly customizable role/permission scheme based security system for users, World class Secured SSL Certificate,Encrypted data storage and Secure Data Center.


Create and draft your contracts easily by dragging and dropping approved clauses within Microsoft Word and boost team productivity and compliance. Maintain all versions and redline against the central contract repository cms software solution.


Contract Analytics,Reports and Extensive Activity Logs with Numerous dashboard widgets that ability to keep track of expiring contracts and activity trail from all users of organization.


With exponential growth ,any business needs its contracts to be securely stored in contract management system for reliable operations. CMx ContractExperience provides just that with its scalable, reliable and elastic design.


Using Self Service Import your team can import all of your existing contracts into CMx Contract Management Solution and migrate from your existing folders. With export your administrators can move out all your contracts from the system , you are the owner of your data at all times.


Provision your business departments, locations, users, roles and fine grained permission schemes in CMx. Configure your business process work flows and day to day operations.

Implement Optimal Contract Management System Efficiency In Your Business

Reduce Legal Contract Risks And Increase Compliance & Efficiency In Your Contract Management Process By Using The Best Contract Management Software System For Cloud Or Hosted Solution.

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Smartest tool to manage agreements that helped us achieve our contracting goals

Diana Kelly 4.8/5

: I liked how simple and accurate the cmx contractexperience contract management platform was with identifying the fields listed within the agreement. Also I liked the ease of use for CMx software when creating NDAs and other documents. The integration with Electronic Signature is seemless and internally the process is much more efficient while managing the entire CLM lifecycle. I also liked the fact that it is a central hub for all users to store contractual documents, before we had to search documents in personal folders and drop box/google drive.

CMx definitely made our life easier with all types of agreements, creating editing and managing them is super easier than before.CMx ContractExperience Contract Management Technology streamlines complete contract process with a full-featured contract solution that integrates with Microsoft SharePoint platform. We rely on CMx contract tracking software to manage contract creation, send automated notifications about upcoming deadlines, manage contracts that are renewing and expiring, and quickly find important contract details that are important to the business.

I had an amazing experience working with CMx ContractExperience trial uploading agreements for review

Lexis Taylor 4.5/5

CMx has built their best-in-class contract management system with secure API-first design that provides clear visiblity into our contract data. This enables seamless CLM integration opportunities. Also, the fact that supports both cloud-based and on premise was helpful for us to evaluate on premise first and then migrate to their SaaS platform.

enterprise-wide centralized CLM platform,best contract management platform , redlining/negotiation efficiencies, compliance, analytics is very useful and extremely powerful and worked together with our project portfolio management, spend analysis and electronic signature software to monitor our spending and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Easily automating legal document process from start to finish

Suchorita M. 5/5

Pros: Electronic Signature, workflows, repository, templates, clause library all built into one easy-to-use platform. Customisation also helps tailor our various organisation's needs across verticals, departments, and users. It's really saving day-to-day costs and increasing overall efficiency. Takes email out of the contract creation process. 

CMx is the best contract management platform currently available in the market

Gurbans C. 5/5

Pros: CMx ContractExperience has helped streamline every step of the contract management process using its artificial intelligence powered smart contract management technology. The development team really understands the needs based around clause library, automating workflow processes, and flexibility around contract types, contracting parties, and the negotiation back-and-forth process. 

Greatly enhances contract management efficiency!

 Vijayta S. 5/5

Pros: As a tech consultancy for legal entities, we reviewed 10 CLM products and CMx ContractExperience came out as our #1 choice for contract management platform because of: 1) its comprehensive core set of features; 2) cloud and on-premise hosting option; and 3) flexibility to customise. 

Useful product - really has increased efficiency with our contract management platform.


Hyun K. 5/5

Pros: Best Contract Management System and easy to use. CMx ContractExperience team was able to build out custom field boxes to reflect our contract data which was part of our free onboarding process. Most vendors were trying to charge for this. Before CMx, we managed contracts using Word, email, and PDF files so switching to CMx really increased our internal productivity. 

Overall very pleasant experience with the software.

Roman W. 5/5

Pros: I like majority of features CMx Contract Management Technology has to offer, especially versioning, contract's comparison (MS Word plug-in).  Overall: Better grip on the contract lifecycle within our organization. Certainty of the versions of the documents. Overall timesaving over cobbled-together solutions and contract management options that provides the best value among all other contract management pricing vendors.

Excellent Product

Suresh B. 4/5

Comments: Pros: Customizable and easily navigable system for core contract management platform functions. Includes plenty of extra, helpful features that allow for automation of business processes. Highly recommended to any organization requiring a highly customizable and supported solution for various contract management software features.


Great Product

Karthick N. 5/5

Comments: CMx is the only contract management tool equipped to handle any type of contracts seamlessly. The contract tracking and automation functionalities makes it a very effective and efficient product.CMx Contract Management makes it easy to handle a lot of legal, procurement , compliance,accounting & finance, administration, sales operations and IT business agreements and provides professional insights into the contractual data.As a large enterprise having capital expenditure (capex) projects which involved multiple party supplier and vendor management with high risk and uncertainity, CMx ContractExperience provided an amazing dynamic and responsive contract risk management software (CRMS) for managing capex contracts.

Found, Sourced and Implemented this tool for buy side and sell side

Jake P. 4.5/5

The primary problem associated with poor contract management process is inefficiency that leads to additional expenses. This inefficiency is likely the result of a series of smaller problems associated with poor management approach. Unclear goals and expectations, poor communication, redundancy, and convoluted compliance matters are all factors. CMx provides a single uniform contract database for all our buy side and sell side agreements globally.We have got rid of many systems like contract management software excel.


The most complete contract management system I have used in my 30+ years in Logistics

Barron Taylor. 5/5 Logistics Senior Manager

Comments: Very easy to update contracts and track changes and updates. We had very pleasing experience with CMx ContractExperience and it provides detailed contract management software checklist which is very helpful.

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