Admin User can Manage Company department details.In Department business users can Manage and Create departments.

Manage Department:

Manage Department screen displays the list of all existing Department.

To view the manage screen, click on Department link in the menu under Administration. In the Manage Department screen, click on Create button to create a new Department, click on Edit button to update an existing record, click on delete button to delete the record.

Create Department:

To create a new Department:

  • Enter the Name and Description
  • Select Location.
  • Click on Create button
  • New Department is created in the system and navigates to the Manage screen, displaying the newly created Department.

Edit Department

To edit a existing Department:

  • Click on the Edit button in the manage screen
  • Department edit screen is displayed
  • Edit the Name, Description,or Location.
  • Click on Update button
  • Changes to the Department are updated in the system

Delete Department

To delete a existing Department:

  • Click on the Delete button in the manage screen
  • A Message box is displayed for confirmation of delete action
  • Click the OK button in the displayed message box
  • Department record is deleted in the system.