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CMx ContractExperience provides simple, reliable, legally compliant Centralized Contract Management Repository
that is secure & customizable for automating and optimizing your contract process from request to electronic
signature to approvals connecting users from multiple groups,departments and geographic locations.
Contract Migration and Contract Fields Classification becomes an easy breeze with CMx Contract Management Technology.

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Some of our featured diverse customers


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software Solution: Cloud or On Premise.


Securely store all of your enterprise's contracts from all departments and retrieve in sub seconds using highly efficient indexed search from online or on premise contracts repository.


Highly efficient in-built Contract review and approval work flows adapting to your business makes it easy to run your day to day business operations.


Multi-Factor/Two Step Authentication (MFA) for secured Contract Management Application, Secured Multi-Tenancy with exclusive data storage, Fine grained highly customizable role/permission scheme based security system for users, World class Secured SSL Certificate,Encrypted data storage and Secure Data Center.


Create and draft your contracts easily by dragging and dropping approved clauses within Microsoft Word and boost team productivity and compliance. Maintain all versions and redline against the central contract repository cms software solution.


Contract Analytics,Reports and Extensive Activity Logs with Numerous dashboard widgets that ability to keep track of expiring contracts and activity trail from all users of organization.


With exponential growth ,any business needs its contracts to be securely stored in contract management system for reliable operations. CMx ContractExperience provides just that with its scalable, reliable and elastic design.


Using Self Service Import your team can import all of your existing contracts into CMx Contract Management Solution and migrate from your existing folders. With export your administrators can move out all your contracts from the system , you are the owner of your data at all times.


Provision your business departments, locations, users, roles and fine grained permission schemes in CMx. Configure your business process work flows and day to day operations.

Implement Optimal Contract Management System Efficiency In Your Business

Reduce Legal Contract Risks And Increase Compliance & Efficiency In Your Contract Management Process By Using The Best Contract Management Software System For Cloud Or Hosted Solution.

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User Friendly Contract management system

John D 5/5 Senior Procurement Officer

User friendly with ability to tag documents with specific words most functional for you. This makes searching and organizing easy.

User friendly with good functionality

Candice P 5/5 Senior Buyer

The ability to negotiate and sign contracts online. Managing all aspects of the contracts online and quick access to the software. Have not had any programming issues delaying productivity.The need to customize many necessary features specific to our industry. Would like to see more features added that address accounting needs and track comments within the same screen.Ease of use and one location to track contract negotiations and records.

Great System esp for the money

Jacob P 5/5 Procurement Lead

This is just about the best contract management tools that i have used. The functionality is great and the customer service is very responsive. The only good side is that the viewing of a document online is the same as how it prints.

We made the right choice

Alex M 5/5 Contract Administrator

We reviewed other contract software management systems such as CobbleStone and Agiloft for months before selecting CMx. We made the right choice. Their software is flexible to meet our specific needs.Easy to set up fields, contract types, reports, in-built electronic signature similar to docusign or echo sign and workflow approvals.

We made the right choice by selecting CMx ContractExperience!

Stephen Mitchell 5/5 Procurement Officer

CMx ContractExperience contract management software has met all of our needs. Initially, we used the software as a repository for contracts with email alerts for expirations/renewals, but the system has evolved to manage the full lifecycle with approvals, workflow, spend tracking and compliance reports. It was so easy to set up and administer. After quite a bit of research, we know that we made the correct choice by selecting CMx.

Great Software, Great Company!

Alen P 4.9/5 Head of Compliance

Our insurance business required a software that would not only generate contracts, but help us manage our cases, store related supportive documents and report on the many data elements we were trying to capture. So far, I am very pleased with the ability and function of the software. Although robust, the software is very easy to learn. I had a lot of data and many state specific templates and specialty forms to transfer into the software and the team was very helpful and patient in helping me to accomplish my goals. They are willing to set up quick meetings to get stuff done and swiftly call me back when I have a product question. For the product and service level, I felt the price was very competitive. I would purchase again.

CMx ContractExperience - Standard Edition

Philippe P 5/5 Head of Procurement Division

CMx ContractExpereince has been a much needed tool to organize the contracts within our organization. Prior to the incorporation of contract management tool, my organization was utilizing an very manual way to track contracts. Now, my organization is been able to track expiration dates of agreements and certificates of insurance with ease. The program is easy to use. Pulling criteria to formulate reports can be challenging at first, but the user will quickly understand how to pull the information that they need. The support at CMx is top rate. My primary contact has been Jheff for the past 2 1/2 years and he is always quick to respond to my inquiry.

Maintain all vendor,supplier and customer contracts in a safe place

Tatiana L 4.5/5 Lawyer

It is effective, serviceable, and extremely user friendly. very easy to implement. You can maintain all contracts vs agreements in a safe place.Simple and easy to implement and use. Can accommodate all variety of contracts and has easy user and admin. controls. Very flexible reporting as well.

Great for Managing Vendor Contracts

Jacuqeline L 4/5 Vendor Contract Manager

Most contract management systems have too many features; they're designed for a full bore contracting process. I was looking for something simpler, to manage my company's portfolio of vendor contracts. CMx Contract Experience is simple and intuitive to use, and provides me what I need (database, controlled access, reminders) without a bunch of extra bells and whistles.

Fantastic Product!

Alen 5/5 Self employed

I am a consultant who was hired to find and migrate over 5000 contracts for a small firm. Luckily they chose CMx as their tool! In less than 4 weeks, I was able to create the data entry fields, upload the files, tag, change the tags, set notifications, change dates, rename fields, reorganize the file structure, and create reports, all without help from IT! The software is a dream to work with and when I had a question, I got the answer within hours. Thanks for such a great tool for those of us with limited SQL knowledge but a great need to organize documents. Recommendations to other buyers: For a quick solution to any sized organizational needs to manage legal documents with multiple users, CMx is the answer!

Amazing Agreement Management Software, Can't go wrong

Lexis P 5/5 Global Finance and Compliance Manager

If you're looking for a sophisticated, cost-effective solution to manage your documents with electronic signature and CLM, this is it. CMx is an easy, secure, intuitive product, and it will do wonders for your internal processes. The most compelling part of the platform is being able to generate reports that indicate which contracts/docs are due to expire within a specific time (eg 30,60,90 days), along with the ability to pre-set email reminders prior to a document's expiration. This is insanely helpful in capturing these time sensitive elements before they slip through the cracks.

Excellent Product – CMx ContractExperience Rocks

Marie P 4.5/5 Legal Contract Assistant

Comments: We have set up our Legal Database in CMx contract which has all our works, and everybody loves it. It is very easy to use and find the way around, with a lot of very useful features. You can tag documents, set alarms and create individual reports. and the support is also very helpful! Great Product

Simple Solution to complex file management problem

Adrianne K 5/5 Contract Administrator

I simply love it! it fits exactly our needs and what we have been looking for for a long time! The setup and use is very intuitive and the team is just great in responding and further developing the features. We are handling so many different contracts in our company and since using CMx it is so easy to keep track of contract details, deadlines, history. It saves us a lot of time that we previously spent ineffectively by searching through documents or static excel lists. I can 120% recommend it.

An easy to used and cloud based software to store our contracts

Martin P 4.0/5 Head of Compliance Review Source: Email Feedback

Being in operations, we deal with sensitive contracts and we wished it can be stored in a contract safe platform. CMx is great to help us organize and search for hundreds of our contracts. Great search feature that lets us label and find our contracts. I love that is cloud-based so multiple employees can log in. Also has great security protection.

Superb Contract Product

Newman P 5/5 VP of Legal

The benefits we receive are a centralized storage area for all of our contracts and company documents as well as customized reminders sent directly to recipients to let us know when a contract is expiring or a document may need attention. We also receive the benefit of moving away from a folder system on a shared drive in where it requires us to search into different folders in an attempt to find "just the right document." CMx not only allows us to upload the contract, but we can also upload any supporting documentation and include notes - putting everything in one spot. This software platform has been a dream come true for our Company. We use this platform for contract management, HR document management, employee information management, company policy management - etc. It's been a 5 star experience for our Company.

Great experience utilizing CMx for our small business needs!

Jille P 5/5 Chief Compliance Officer

Our company loves that this tool can be deployed Cloud based or hosted. We can access contracts from any location. The tool also offers the ability to link contracts and utilize keyword search which makes contract organization and access a breeze.

Cloud based contract management software

Ileana D 5/5 Senior Contract Manager

I like how easy it is to keep record of all of my contracts and templates through this software management system.

Needs perfectly fullfilled

Gerome P 5/5 CIO

Contract management software is key for companies. The interface of CMx Contracts is the most user oriented and the most efficient to follow each life cycle step of contracts. Each contract owner is in charge to follow his contracts thought a centralized management system including alerts to them. That leads to a gain of time and implication of responsible persons. The solution of CMx permitted to integrate with very low efforts our existing contracts database for quick deployment. SaaS allowed an immediate usage benchmarking on the technical environment already in place by CMx and in line with adapted service level agreement.

Good template builder. Reasonable price. Integrates well.

I have this integrated to Salesforce and it works well. Really simple to upload your template into Salesforce with this.

Good template builder. Helps us get Contracts out.

Great contract software

Louis C 5/5 Manager Sales Dept

It was a great tool to produce contracts for clients.. a lot better than using basic self created tools.

Scalable, Easy to use and Readily customizable product

Courtney Collins 5/5 Senior Paralegal

As a global business executing hundreds of thousands of contracts annually, Our company needed a solution that was scalable, easy to use and readily customizable to our unique processes. Of all the vendors we evaluated, CMx CLM product had the best design, the most inspired user interface, and a compelling and innovative approach to managing the contract lifecycle process. We have deployed the product globally, with great user adoption and high satisfaction.

Innovative approach towards contract management process

Sanya L 4.5/5 Head of Procurement

CMx’s innovative approach to contract process streamlining and automation using SharePoint helped us plug revenue leakage and set us up for working even more closely with our sales teams.

Went live with the contract tool within 50 days

Tracie A 4.5/5 Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management

We are delighted to be fully up and running on the CMx Contract Management system! The system is fully functional and working according to the specifications we provided. All of this was accomplished in less than 60 days since we did the kickoff and we appreciate the diligence and follow through on the commitments you made. We look forward to using the system here.

User friendly and robust contract management tool

Jason Chang 5/5 Senior Counsel Legal

We have been using CMx for more than 2 years now. We have managed to overcome the contract management challenges that we had been facing in our traditional way of managing contracts. Contract Management has become a lot more easier now. CMx team understood our requirements and has been able to customize the tool as per our needs and to our satisfaction. The tool is quite user friendly and we have seen faster acceptability of the same within our sales team located across the globe.

Excellent custom fields feature of a contract management product

Dmitrios 4.9/5

CMx has been the easiest and most customizable software I've used thus far! Since merging to CMx, contract management has become very efficient.

It helps us with the controls of contracts, its great

Lenna Hertz 5/5

This has been the easiest software that we have used at work, it is customizable and it helps us a lot with the administration and control of contracts, since we used it we have not had any problems.we have improved greatly with the organization of contracts using CMx software.

Great Contract Management Product!!

Christopher M 4.9/5 Senior Supply Chain Manager, Indirect Procurement

Ease of Use and the Contract management capabilities. The ability to quickly and accurately identify contracts and the platforms agility.A consolidated platform to perform all contract management functions.

Smartest tool to manage agreements that helped us achieve our contracting goals

Diana Kelly 4.8/5

I liked how simple and accurate the cmx contractexperience contract management platform was with identifying the fields listed within the agreement. Also I liked the ease of use for CMx software when creating NDAs and other documents. The integration with Electronic Signature is seemless and internally the process is much more efficient while managing the entire CLM lifecycle. I also liked the fact that it is a central hub for all users to store contractual documents, before we had to search documents in personal folders and drop box/google drive.

CMx definitely made our life easier with all types of agreements, creating editing and managing them is super easier than before.CMx ContractExperience Contract Management Technology streamlines complete contract process with a full-featured contract solution that integrates with Microsoft SharePoint platform. We rely on CMx contract tracking software to manage contract creation, send automated notifications about upcoming deadlines, manage contracts that are renewing and expiring, and quickly find important contract details that are important to the business.

I had an amazing experience working with CMx ContractExperience trial uploading agreements for review

Lexis Taylor 4.5/5

CMx has built their best-in-class contract management system with secure API-first design that provides clear visiblity into our contract data. This enables seamless CLM integration opportunities. Also, the fact that supports both cloud-based and on premise was helpful for us to evaluate on premise first and then migrate to their SaaS platform.

enterprise-wide centralized CLM platform,best contract management platform , redlining/negotiation efficiencies, compliance, analytics is very useful and extremely powerful and worked together with our project portfolio management, spend analysis and electronic signature software to monitor our spending and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Easily automating legal document process from start to finish

Suchorita M. 5/5

Pros: Electronic Signature, workflows, repository, templates, clause library all built into one easy-to-use platform. Customisation also helps tailor our various organisation's needs across verticals, departments, and users. It's really saving day-to-day costs and increasing overall efficiency. Takes email out of the contract creation process. 

CMx is the best contract management platform currently available in the market

Gurbans C. 5/5

Pros: CMx ContractExperience has helped streamline every step of the contract management process using its artificial intelligence powered smart contract management technology. The development team really understands the needs based around clause library, automating workflow processes, and flexibility around contract types, contracting parties, and the negotiation back-and-forth process. 

Greatly enhances contract management efficiency!

 Vijayta S. 5/5

Pros: As a tech consultancy for legal entities, we reviewed 10 CLM products and CMx ContractExperience came out as our #1 choice for contract management platform because of: 1) its comprehensive core set of features; 2) cloud and on-premise hosting option; and 3) flexibility to customise. 

Useful product - really has increased efficiency with our contract management platform.


Hyun K. 5/5

Pros: Best Contract Management System and easy to use. CMx ContractExperience team was able to build out custom field boxes to reflect our contract data which was part of our free onboarding process. Most vendors were trying to charge for this. Before CMx, we managed contracts using Word, email, and PDF files so switching to CMx really increased our internal productivity. 

Overall very pleasant experience with the software.

Roman W. 5/5

Pros: I like majority of features CMx Contract Management Technology has to offer, especially versioning, contract's comparison (MS Word plug-in).  Overall: Better grip on the contract lifecycle within our organization. Certainty of the versions of the documents. Overall timesaving over cobbled-together solutions and contract management options that provides the best value among all other contract management pricing vendors.

Excellent Product

Suresh B. 4/5

Comments: Pros: Customizable and easily navigable system for core contract management platform functions. Includes plenty of extra, helpful features that allow for automation of business processes. Highly recommended to any organization requiring a highly customizable and supported solution for various contract management software features.


Great Product

Karthick N. 5/5

Comments: CMx is the only contract management tool equipped to handle any type of contracts seamlessly. The contract tracking and automation functionalities makes it a very effective and efficient product.CMx Contract Management makes it easy to handle a lot of legal, procurement , compliance,accounting & finance, administration, sales operations and IT business agreements and provides professional insights into the contractual data.As a large enterprise having capital expenditure (capex) projects which involved multiple party supplier and vendor management with high risk and uncertainity, CMx ContractExperience provided an amazing dynamic and responsive contract risk management software (CRMS) for managing capex contracts.

Found, Sourced and Implemented this tool for buy side and sell side

Jake P. 4.5/5

The primary problem associated with poor contract management process is inefficiency that leads to additional expenses. This inefficiency is likely the result of a series of smaller problems associated with poor management approach. Unclear goals and expectations, poor communication, redundancy, and convoluted compliance matters are all factors. CMx provides a single uniform contract database for all our buy side and sell side agreements globally.We have got rid of many systems like contract management software excel.


The most complete contract management system I have used in my 30+ years in Logistics

Barron Taylor. 5/5 Logistics Senior Manager

Comments: Very easy to update contracts and track changes and updates. We had very pleasing experience with CMx ContractExperience and it provides detailed contract management software checklist which is very helpful.

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