Create Contract

To Create a Contract:

  • Click on Create Contract link from menu,or go to Manage contract,click on Create contract Tab.

Create/edit contract screen is displayed with  different tab sections as mentioned below.

(1) Main :  

(2) Custom

(3) Documents:

(4) Clauses:

(5) Milestones :

(6) Notes:

(7) Access Restrictions:

(8) Enter Tags:

  • Under "Main" Tab,create contract page displays.

  • Enter contract number and Title.
  • Select Contract Type and Contracting Party
  • Choose an effective date
  • Enter the description
  • Select the Risk level,Department and Contract owners.
  • Choose an Expiry date(optional)
  • Enter contract value and select the currency.(optional)
  • Select Notification list and workflow (optional)
  • Enter renewal term in days.(optional)

2. Click on Custom Tab displays Custom Tab with any custom fields configured for the contract type.

   For example NDA (non disclosure agreement) may have different custom fields than HR Agreement.

    Refer: Custom Field Form

3.Now Click on Documents tab.

  • Click on Choose files,select the file which has to be uploaded for the specific contract,enter file description if any .
  • If there are more than 1 file,click on Add file,and attach the document .
  • Click on "Create" button.
  • Attached files are displayed in a grid in the same page.

4. Click on Clauses tab.

  • On click of Clauses tab,page displays with Contract clauses grid and Add clauses tab.
  • Click on Add clauses tab,displays list of clauses which are pre loaded.
  • check the clauses which are to be added for the specific contract,click on Add.
  • The selected clauses are added and displayed in the grid.

5. Click on Milestone tab.

  • On click of Milestone tab,page displays with Milestone grid and Add Milestone tab.
  • Click on Add Milestone tab,displays Milestone entry field,end date and Milestone reminder check box.
  • Enter the Milestone of a contract and end date.
  • On Checking the Milestone Reminder check box,Alert Before Days filed pops up.
  • Enter Alert before days and click on "Save" button.
  • The created Milestone are displayed in the grid.

6.Click on Notes Tab

  • On click of Notes tab,page displays with Notes grid and Add Notes tab.
  • Click on Add Notes tab,displays Notes entry field.
  • Enter the Notes of a contract .
  • Click on "Save" button.
  • The created Notes are displayed in the grid.

7.Click on Access Restrictions Tab(Unlocked Icon in Right top Corner of Create Contract Page)

  • Click on Unlocked icon and page displays with Access Restrictions tab.
  • User can Specify both View Restrictions and Edit Restrictions for Particular Contracts

8.Click on Enter Tags Tab(Text area at Right top Corner of Create Contract Page)

  • User can enter different tags to attach with the contracts.

After entering all these click on "Create" button.Contract creates successfully and displayed in the Manage contract Grid.