Basic Import

CMx user can import the contracts that he has access to.

  • Click on Import contracts link from Menu,
  • Download the sample template by clicking on the "click here" link and extract the contents to a new folder.
  • Extracting to a new folder is important since we have found that without that and dragging and dropping directly from compressed zip file does not show the files in the import zone sometimes.
  • Also, note that the metadata file has to be named: cmx-metadata.xlsx
  • File drop zone area page displays.
  • Drag and drop the excel file and all attachment documents into the drop zone area.
  • Wait for the pre-validation grid to show records
  • correct all red cells.
  • click on Import button on the right corner to view the list of imported contracts in the Import Status page.
  • After Importing the imported contracts will be get displayed in the Import Status Tab
  • By clicking on the "+" link, the user can see the Contract Number, Contract Title, Attached documents name and Status of import.