Clause Library

Clause Library is the central storage area where all of your organizations clause text's are stored so that they can be reused again in new or existing contracts.

Manage Clause Library:

Manage Clause Library screen displays the list of all existing Clause Library.To view the manage screen, click on Clause Library link in the menu.

In the Manage Clause Library screen, click on Create button to create a new Clause Library, click on Edit button to update an existing record, click on delete button to delete the record.

Create Clause

To create a new Clause:

  • Enter the Clause Name and Text.
  • Select Clause Category
  • Click on Create button
  • New Clause Library is created in the system and navigates to the Manage screen, displaying the newly created Clause Library.

Edit Clause

To edit a existing Clause:

  • Click on the Edit button in the manage screen
  • Clause Library edit screen is displayed
  • Edit the required field.
  • Click on Update button
  • Changes to the Clause Library are updated in the system.

Delete Clause

To delete a existing Clause

  • Click on the Delete button in the manage screen.
  • A Message box is displayed for confirmation of delete action.

  • Click the OK button in the displayed message box.
  • Clause Library record is deleted in the system.

Electro Sign Terms and Conditions Conventions:

For signing with electronic signatures, Terms and conditions are displayed to the user who is signing. This terms and conditions can be customized for each contract type by following below conventions and CMx automatically displays the correct terms and conditions for each contract type.

"Contract Type" appended with text " Terms"

For example:

if the contract type is "Fixed Contract" , naming a clause as : "Fixed Price Terms" will set the electrosign terms and condition automatically.