The Creation of Business Case For Contract Lifecycle Management

June 11, 2022
The Creation of Business Case For Contract Lifecycle Management
Are you the one responsible for your company’s contracts on an everyday basis? Then you might have discovered that there are certain ineffectiveness accompanying with dealing with manual contract lifecycle management processing.

Yet usually, it takes a major negative event – an audit has failed for an instance, or the loss of millions of dollars because of missing an important deadline in order to make these concerns apply to the organization as a whole.

Contract Lifecycle Management applications can better streamline your CLM methods and alleviate the chance of a meaningful contrary event occurring that damages your organization in terms of money and reveals the company to account.

Convincing your Management Team to Use a CLM Application

The following tips shall help you favorably make your pitch to management by serving to light the problems with your current workflows and proposing a solution.

Be Brief and Bring Proofs

One great strategy is to present some brief insight into the software, including a benefit/cost analysis, then provide a one-page document for your team to review post-meeting that provides more detail or sustaining data. Let them see the value for themselves.

Be Resilient

If you want your management team to second your case, you have to continue being resilient. Bypass presenting the move to a CLM system as an ultimatum or an “all or nothing” development. It has to be something with which they feel satisfied, so be open to different methods. Highlight two or three choices, recommending the one you would choose, but let them make the choice, giving them an opening to emotionally invest in the process.

Be Proactive and Ready

Before you prepare a formal meeting to discuss CLM software with your management team, do your analysis. The best way to peddling your idea mentally is to produce a complete, detailed project timeline, along with any expected costs, requirements, and the level of involvement expected of each teammate of the management team. You should also investigate and be able to compile best practices and success stories for your business or corporation size.

Request for a free trial or schedule a demo, you would be glad how CMx can make your Contract Management Process and Maintenance more efficient.

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