Decoding Contract Management Platform Myths

June 11, 2022
Decoding Contract Management Platform Myths

Notwithstanding the need for greater contract management methods, many businesses are still struggling as to what to do with their contracts. It is popularly believed today that upgrading to a contract management system preserves corporations thousands of dollars a year and enhances business relationships across the board. There are still some though, that prefer the tried-and-true old-fashioned paper processes.

There are overrunning contract management platform myths that serve as a hindrance for a lot of businesses when it comes to contemplating executing a paperless contract management system. Today, we’ll address those contract management platform myths to better grasp why using an automated contract management software is still the most secure, cost-effective, and convenient, and acquiescent decision a business can make for contract processes.

The Court doesn’t notice E-signatures

Digital or Electronic signatures have been lawful in many nations since the 1990’s. They are given just as much weight in court as a paper and pen signature. The purpose behind this is the intense encryption associated with giving an advanced mark. The procedure includes certain watches that guarantee that a mark was given by the correct individual, in the best possible area, and at the best possible time. This data is altogether encoded into every signature, making it just as legitimately authoritative as a customary signature.

Clouds are easily hackable, making files more vulnerable

A lot of organizations feel that if their data is not kept within their own filing cabinets, it is less secure. Using cloud-based storage for handling contracts though, can actually be more guarded, and reduces the need for an organization to maintain their own IT infrastructure and personnel. Concord’s cloud-based storage system has bank-level security. All of your contract data is encrypted and saved in data centers that pass the most stringent of security and confidentiality audits. These server sites have a high-level protection that guards your data against any kind of invasion. Rest assured that your data will be defended from any kind of cyber-attack or hack.

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