Contract Management Software Features

Fine grained Permission Schemes

Permission Schemes

Contracts play a critical role in any multi-party transaction, documenting terms such as critical dates, pricing, external/internal party information and signatories. Losing visibility to your critical contracts and terms can lead to missed deadlines , penalties, overpayment for services, timely payments collection from external vendors and much more which has a high impact on your business operation and profit margin. It is essential for companies across all industries to better manage their contracts at an enterprise level. However, far too often multiple business units within an organization have their own drives/directories or other data stores where contracts are kept.

This can lead to confusion, disarray and potential loss of critical information. Forward-thinking companies will smartly centralize their repositories with an efficient contract management system that creates a single source of record for their enterprise-wide contracting needs and CMx - Contract Management Experience product perfectly follows this vision. Enterprise level configurations built into CMx - Contract Management Experience is designed by functional experts backed by years of deep experience across all verticals. Using our world class support and services provided , we will readily assess your current contracting processes, address and identify your pain points, and transform your business to a more mature contracting organization providing high return of investment (ROI).