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Nobody is perfect. The main reason why individuals fail is that they tend to become overconfident with things that they’re not that good at. That’s why a document versioning software has been invented.

Have you encountered a situation in which, be it in studies or at work, in which you’ll have to pass something to your superior, only to find out that your constant editing on the files and documents you’re working on kinda ruined the whole project? Believe me, I’ve been there. I was like, “Damn! I wish I didn’t change the whole thing! Now it’s like that forever and I can’t bring it back to the way it was!” This is a thing especially if you’re a writer, a content creator, or a project manager working on a big chunk of files to create a detailed report. Enter the document versioning software, which made my life easier.

With it, I’m able to see the past iterations of the file I’m working with. We, as a collective consciousness, is caught up in the habit in which whenever we’re like an hour working on a document editing software, like a Notepad or Microsoft Word, we tend to save it in case a power failure might occur. Funny, but it’s the truth. With that being said, it hinders you to go back and change the content of what you’re working with from its previous state before you’ve saved it. Now, I can see the iterations my file or document went through with just a flick of a button, all thanks to a document editing software.

If you’re planning to be at the top of the project you’re currently doing, then by all means, go get a document editing software. It’ll save you from a lot of things.


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