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A lot of business owners are having a hard time choosing the software that fits their needs. In this article, we’ll show you some software contract sample to help you pick the best arsenal for your business.


Most of the time, business owners tend to look down on the importance of having a software contract management tool for their business, or worst tends to look down on the whole content of the contract. Remember, a contract will drive the timelines, the behavior of engagement,  and more. Be it what software contract sample you go with, assuring that both sides meet the expectation and keep it becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

Below, we got some software contract sample you can choose from that shall help you see what fits your business. You should consider the specific nature of your project, and the scope and limitations of each software contract sample provide. So without further ado, here are some of the software contract sample your business can benefit from.

Fixed Bid Model


With this software contract sample, you define exactly what you want, and the software developer suggests what should be added on the program, puts a fixed price on it. In layman’s term, everything goes as planned. This is perfect for business who longs for long-term partnerships.


What you want is what you get

The client shall have a peace of mind when it comings to staying on budget because everything is set at the beginning

Strict deadlines are being enforced with this contract and the development team shall be alarmed by it

Since all the things you need are being cleared before this software is created, the end result shall give you the status that you want each time you check it

Supervision is unnecessary


There’s a chance that the provider may finish the software at a lower cost than estimated.

Everything is fixed, especially when your budget is tight.


Time and Material Model


Very easy to understand. The software developer of this software contract sample is paid via the number of hours he creates your contract software


There’s flexibility with this kind of software contract sample since the software developer is paid via the hours he has worked on the project, therefore giving him chance to change the things he needs to change on the software

You know exactly what you’re paying for since you can monitor his work hourly and ask the status of the project from time to time.

There’s a higher chance is achieving the result you envision because a longer time is invested in creating this software contract


It will cost you more, especially if you managed to find a software developer who knows how to work with hours

Deadlines aren’t fixed since time is the number one enemy with this kind of model

It’s hard to predict the final budget of the whole project.


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