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Is there a chance that your software acquisition agreement might go wrong?

The system your business has for your software acquisition agreement is an important factor for your whole contract management program. A lot of businesses tend to look down at this factor and as this situation takes place at the start of your contract management, a lot of challenges that started here shall increase throughout the whole project.

With that said, how can a software acquisition agreement go wrong?  A lot of factors are being present here in this kind of situation, but what are those particular issues per se?

Software Acquisition Agreement Related Issues

First of all, a lot of businesses now have a volume license agreements that allow them to have a preferential price for a particular product. With that, any software should be bought via this method and no other. Though this method has been easy to implement a few years back, this isn’t the case for now.

App-stores allows anyone to search, download, and install software easily and quickly. Though this might be the exact functional software as that covered under the mentioned above volume license agreements, the truth is that it isn’t covered by the contract.

Moreover, although the software acquisition agreement may be obtained under the right contract, it may be bought from the wrong reseller. This will lead to further difficulties when you come to reconcile entitlement.


Key challenges include, but are not limited to:

The effort and resources required to merge two software estates

Unable to transfer OEM entitlement

Supplier terms do not allow mergers or changes without negotiation

Merging two different frameworks


Is There A Consideration Within The Employment?

After you have actually purchased the software acquisition agreement, further predicaments may arise in correlation on how it is implemented. One thing, the wrong version could be implemented, leading to compliance issues in correlation with your licensing agreement and user rights which may lead to being non-compliant.

Also, the software acquisition agreement can be implemented to the wrong device. This may lead to major non-compliance issues if you have software that is licensed per device rather than the user, as is the case with many Microsoft products.


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