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There have been talks about the so-called “Peoplesoft Contract Lifecycle Management” but doesn’t hold the full grasp on what it really is. In this article, we’ll be explaining it in the simplest form possible.

Peoplesoft Contract Lifecycle Management is the handling of contracts from partners, vendors, employees or customers – and at its simplest form, PeopleSoft contract lifecycle management software can be described as a digital version of a filing cabinet. It holds the contract lifecycle and entire customer which includes any means that creates, contributes, or uses contract data. Peoplesoft Contract Lifecycle Management needs a complete grasp of every level in the contract method, which involves any action that creates, contributes, or uses contract data.

Every day, the business world is evolving. New methods of driving revenue are forcing companies to reimagine the way they manage the customer lifecycle — making contract management more important than ever before.

Typical Issues Within A Peoplesoft Contract Lifecycle Management

Now that we have tackled about a Peoplesoft contract lifecycle management is, let’s talk about the possible issues that pave toward it. Here are some of the issues that revolve around a PeopleSoft contract lifecycle management.

     PeopleSoft contract lifecycle management offers (manual) mistakes.

     And a lot is riding on the Legal team if they don’t catch blunders, such as:

  1. Revenue leakage
  2. Non-compliance
  3. Jeopardized customer relationships
  4. Extended sales cycle times


PeopleSoft contract lifecycle management introduces bottlenecks into the sales cycle. Legal is often the unit accountable for managing, creating, and managing contracts within the corporation. Sadly, when Legal has to maintain contracts manually, the contract management process gets bottlenecked. This affects other departments, especially Sales, to see Legal as “the department of no.”

Perks of using a Peoplesoft Contract Lifecycle Management

The perks of using a PeopleSoft contract lifecycle management software are really topnotch. If your contracts are done quicker, you’re going to be ready to collect on them quickly. If they’re accurate, you’re going to have far lesser conflicts. C-level executives and General Counsels can definitely sleep at night because they are certain that the contract management process is operating.

Contracts exist within the heart of B2B commerce, as they are the physical symbol of the client relationship. When you maintain that relationship properly, you receive a diversity of perks.



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