online electronic signature

Online Electronic Signature Software is as legitimate for business contracts as paper-bound signatures signed in ink. It has been the setup since the year 2000 when the Electronic Signatures in Global and Internation Commerce act, a U.S. Federal law was enacted and the similar laws are in place in other parts of the world such as Europe and Asia.

As per the website, individuals and entrepreneurs have “several different ways to indicate their electronic signatures, including typing the signer’s name into the signature area, pasting in a scanned version of the signer’s signature, clicking an ‘I accept’ button”, amidst the other methods available.

Why is it important for your business to have an Online Electronic Signature Software?

If we are to talk about the biggest pros for online e-signatures, or online electronic signatures, it would be the convenience the whole idea offers its users.

First, you as an entrepreneur will spend less time in printing and sending contracts to your clients. Your documents will be paper-less and shall be signed directly online, and often enough, on any device available. (If ever the online electronic signature software provider offers)

The end-to-end service offered by e-signature providers will route the document to all those required to sign. Automatic reminders can be sent out to help people remember to sign, and you are notified once everyone has signed as soon as it’s done.

Online Electronic Signature Software providers store the original copy on their database or a dashboard/platform so you can easily pull it out if ever needed. Sometimes, they integrate it with a Cloud storage provider such as Dropbox or Google Docs, so you can easily pull out your executed contract at ease, 24/7, anytime you need it. (This sole situation is one of the most common issues in businesses, in which where the contract once signed can’t be found or misplaced)

Also, an online electronic signature software platform can provide you a PDF created of documents you can easily save at your end and archive it on your storage.

Online Electronic Signature Software is inbuilt in CMx Software and named as ElectroSign is recommended for business contracts between two private companies, but keep in mind that it isn’t advisable that you do this form of contract at all times. It’s good for business purposes, yet if we’re talking about last will and testament, court documents, family law matters, and adoption or divorce papers, know that an online electronic signature is strictly out of form.

Other cases include foreclosure, eviction, include repossession, and product recall notices. Aside from those we mentioned, an online electronic signature software is needed especially if we’re talking about business matters.