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We’re currently living in a world that the only key in being successful is throughout innovation. Especially if you’re a startup who’s eager to scale your business up. That’s where on-premise document management software can help you with.

Years ago, traditional businesses compile their files and documents via folders and file cabinets. However, the increasing flow of today’s information cannot simply be sustained by merely thousands or even millions of paper compiled in hundreds of file cabinets on your office. That would be less cost-efficient, and it’ll take days for a single individual to organize those. If you’re an organization who relies on organized files and documents on your operation, an on-premise document management software is what you need.


But first, what is an on-premise document management software, and how can it help your business?

To simply put, an on-premise document software is an application that helps you streamline, automate, and optimize these manual processes that involve file management in a digital way.

This modern method to file storage manages digital documents and paper-based files that are scanned or image-captured. It acts as a forerunner to content management by implementing the most basic and fundamental functionality for the process.

Here are some of the characteristics an on-premise document software has:

  1. Forms management
  2. File version control
  3. Storage
  4. Audit trail
  5. MS Office and Outlook integration
  6. Security and access control
  7. PDF file editor
  8. PDF converter
  9. Advanced search
  10. Encryption
  11. Content annotations
  12. Role-based user permission

Great, isn’t it? Using a single software, all of these processes can be automated and organized in a more humane way. You don’t need to go over thousands of paper or go over hundreds of file cabinet on your office just to find a single file that you need. With one click, and presto! You got what you need. All thanks to an on-premise document management software.


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