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As the saying goes,  “Innovation always beats the Tradition”. However, does it work in the office area? In this article, we’ll be discussing the forever debate: Which one is better, a filing cabinet or a file storage software?

There’s a forever debate around the corporate world that concerns file management, organization, and the overall organizational workflows. Is it better to have the traditional filing cabinet, in which thousands of papers and folders are being used to organize the documents and files you have on your organization? Or to go fully digital, in which every file and document your organization owns are stored in a cloud-based server?

Let’s dive deep on the pros and cons of both the filing cabinet and the file storage software. Firstly, the former: the filing cabinet.


  1. Hard copy files make everything legal and well-documented
  2. There’s no way hackers can get into your files via the Internet
  3. No one can easily access your files without them having to go to your office
  4. You don’t  have to worry in case you don’t have an internet connection or a power failure may occur in your office area


  1. It may take a lot of time organizing  these files
  2. Buying  thousands of papers and trashing them daily isn’t cost-effective of course
  3. Finding a specific document or file may take hours to do especially if you have a lot of files stacked up
  4. You have to go to your office in order to access the file that you need, meaning you’re bound to your office area when working


Now, let’s see what a file storage software may bring into the table.


  1. With just a click of a button, you can easily access the file that you need/want
  2. Buying thousands of papers daily and investing in a sturdy filing cabinet isn’t needed for everything can be accessed in the web
  3. With an internet connection in the area, you’re currently in (be it in any part of the world), you can easily access the files you want/need
  4. Your storage is huge and you can easily upgrade it with just one click if ever it isn’t suffice


  1. You’re susceptible to great hackers
  2. If by chance there’s a power outage in your area, the chance of accessing your files is zero
  3. If your internet connection is slow in a particular day, working with your file can be really annoying


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