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In this article, we’ll be discussing what a file management software is in layman’s term.

If your organization is seeking a way to automize their paper works, files, and documents that which is clutter-free, digitized, and most of all, secured, you should ought for a file management software.

A file management software is a type of application that handles data files in a cloud server. It has a lot of features and is designed to handle a group or individual documents, such as important office records and files. It should allow you to know report details, like who’s the owner, the date it has been created, revisions implemented, state of completion and similar features useful in an office area.

A file management software is also known as a file manager.

A file management software is commonly confused with a file system, which handles all kind of files and data in an operating system (OS), or a database management system (DBMS), which has relational database capabilities and incorporates a programming language for additional data administration.

A file management software’s tracking element is key to the production and administration of this system, where files containing various stages of processing are interchanged and shared in a continuous manner.

A file management software may contain features like:

  • Owner and process mapping to track various stages of processing
  • Assigning queued document numbers for processing
  • Notes
  • Report generation
  • Create, modify, copy, delete and other file operations
  • Status

To simply put, a file management software is an application made by heaven to ease the stress inside an office environment. With it, the automation of common office task should be implemented, allowing employees to focus on things that are more important on their daily checklist.

Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporation, a file management software shall aid your document management on the highest level, keeping the productivity of your whole organization at its optimum form.


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