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Ever heard of the term electronic data management system software? Maybe yes, maybe not. In this article, you’ll learn what it really is and its functionalities.

What is an electronic document management system software? In layman’s term, it is a combination of software that is utilized to capture, create,  distribute, index, maintain, review, retrieve, store, and distribute of information assets.

Primary Functions of Electronic Document Management System Software Involve:

  1. Metadata capture and management: It enables you to capture and utilize the metadata suitable for your business
  2. Security control: This function commands which users have admittance to which information
  3. Addition, designation, and iteration control: It should enable users to add files to the system and assign a file as an official government record. It should also automatically allow the correct iteration designation.

Secondary Functions of Electronic Document Management System Software Involve:

  1. Storage: This function will enable you to save documents within the electronic data management system software or to centrally maintain your adjunct storage system.
  2. Records management: A records management app must be able to maintain the record’s context within a record series, give secure access, and automate the implementation of disposition guidance for all records in the system.
  3. Links: This provides links from one file to another to aid browsing and navigating among related files.
  4. Compound document management: This function handles compound files better than others. Compound files are single records that include multiple elements (e.g., photographs, text, hypertext, link video).
  5. Free-text research: The free-text research enable users to browse every word in an entire file or a specified group of records. Other systems search only metadata.

A great example of an electronic data management system software is our product, the CMX Contract Experience solution that shall help you automize everything on your organization. You can check out our software’s other functionalities in the knowledge base section.


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