photography of trees during sunset

Supporting our Mother Nature is kinda hard nowadays especially for those enterprises who do all of their workflows and processes through paper means. We’re currently in the state of confusion between the traditional means of doing operational workflows or a paperless one that not only makes everything easier, business-wise but also helps in contributing in our step for a greener tomorrow.

Picture this for a second: trees flowering, recycled goods the only paper in sight, and an ecosystem that is robust and flourishing. In anticipation for this Earth Day, that’s what CMX Contract Experience is on a purpose to support companies do: work quicker and brighter all while being gentle to the earth.

Going digital is a great move for companies. Besides the danger of natural catastrophes or break-ins building security issues, operating in the cloud is a better way to get work done. Rather than sorting through pages and pages of useless printed documents, several clicks can draw the exact phrase or clause needed.

Only the individual who requires access have access, and the chance of undesirable individuals viewing a contract is least as e-signature, editing, and permissions are all within the platform.

Contracts are usually one of the latter standard processes in a corporation. It’s shocking how many organizations still operate entirely from paper documents, and even if the final contract is digitized, the first drafts usually begin on paper. Not only does this delay the rate at which deals can be produced and approved, but it utilizes useless resources and budget through paper and printing costs.

Going digital enable organizations to scale financially and environmentally, making it a great move for C-suite executives who want to enhance a company’s positive image in the world while boosting revenue at the same time.


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