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For some organizations and companies, having a software that utilizes resources in the Cloud, presents the ideal document management as a service.

The users are not accountable for hardware costs or maintenance, as the vendor is. Leading document management as a service software take this one step further with ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) to allow users to control the potential of Cloud document management.  

With a document management as a service, you are not accountable for the maintenance of the software or the servers it operates on, so customers can concentrate on utilizing the software to get their task done. As you utilize the software, you don’t require workers to upgrade your system or to watch servers or your server. All you need to do is open the software, and compensate only for features you use. Document management as a service software is best with small and medium-sized companies but is also in corporations in which the document management as a service software is utilized by thousand employees.

Document Management As A Service Software Key Components

  1. Built-In Disaster Recovery and Backup
  2. Quick & Easy install and use
  3. Low Start-Up Costs/No Overhead
  4. Reliable Security
  5. Document Management: best for the small and medium-sized organizations

Enjoy control, convenience, and compliance with Document Management As A Service software

Document management as a service software grants easy and quick file retrieval, allowing saved and automated searches; various methods for importing files easily; scanning, auto-importing, and drag & drop. Document management as a service software also grants end customers with tools such as Versioning, Annotation tools for images, and Check-In/Check-Out as well as an alliance with Microsoft® Office. All user actions are fully audited, assuring compliance with regulatory bodies. An API is free for those customers needing to append particular functionality or integrations.

Document Management As A Service is easy and quick

  1. Software upgrades aren’t a problem anymore for your IT staff. All customers have an instant access to software upgrades
  2. Instead of installing servers, licenses, and trying to program times to correlate with key office personnel, Document management as a service software take less time to set up, getting the first process easier to get started



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