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There is a countless way in making your organizations file management easier. One of them is having a doc management software.

A document management, commonly referred to as Doc Management Software (DMS), is the use of a software and a computer system manage,  save, and track digital files and documents on your organization.

Document management is the manner of your business on how they manage, store, and handle their digital documents.

With that said, we can describe a doc management software as a software that manages and secures files and documents throughout your organization. It includes workflow, document and content capture, COLD/ERM, document repositories, and information retrieval systems, and output systems. Also, the methods used to store, track, and control files.

Doc management software is one of the forerunner technologies to content administration, and not all that long ago was possible only on a stand-alone basis like its workflow, imaging, and archiving documents. It implements some of the most basic functionality to content administration, management capabilities and imposing controls onto otherwise “dull” files. This makes it so that when you have files and need to utilize them, you’re able to do it at your will. Some of the key features in doc management software include:

  • Version control, so tabs can be kept on how the current document came to be, and how it differs from the versions that came before
  • Check-in/check-out and locking, to coordinate the simultaneous editing of a document so one person’s changes don’t overwrite another’s
  • Audit trail, to permit the reconstruction of who did what to a document during the course of its life in the system
  • Annotation and Stamps
  • Roll-back, to “activate” a prior version in case of an error or premature release

See? With a doc management software, everything on your company shall be light and stress-free. We advise you to get one and reap rewards from it now!


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