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What Contract Management Software Features You Should Be Prioritizing?

Most of the time, when we ask clients what they require from a contract management software, we typically get the same responses. The answers may be ‘I need the ability to control and see different versions of the contract’ or ‘I need something to automate a current process that is usually based on an email back and forth’.

At a point in the interview, we commonly discuss the contract management software features to incorporate with their CRM, Salesforce, or their Integration with SalesForce.

Contract Management Features Your Solution Should Have

If by chance you’re searching for the best contract management software features your solution should have, here’s a short list that may help you find the perfect fit for your company’s need.

  1. Fast Deployment – With any task, you want to have the drive of it running forward. And seldom, your contract management software features are lacking, you need a software that can be up and running instantly. Another benefit of fast deployment is minimizing professional services costs — if it’s deployed immediately, you won’t need service hours for setting it up.
  2. Should be easy to use – If a thing is hard to operate, companies shall remain operating contracts the way they were pre-implementation.

Here are some factors you should be considering:

  1. Workflow is all on one page, so the client doesn’t have to jump all over the tool
  2. The ability to easily version and edit records
  3. Doc generation only takes a few clicks
  4. Flexibility and Scalability –  Whatever issue case you’re trying to rant won’t be identical in a few months. Now, you might need to fund contracts and tomorrow you might have an unexpected problem. Buy a contract management software feature that can evolve with you as your content use grows over time.
  5. Reduce management and custom code deployment – Particularly when administering with custom business processes and workflows, you want to reduce the custom coding. Doing so lessens the chance of the person who custom coded leaving your organization and leaving you not a single clue on why he has done it. Find a contract management software feature that has options to configure, so you can evade custom coding.

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