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Sometimes, or most of the time, parties that are well aware of how a contract works know how to take advantage of you especially if they saw that you are uneducated with how a contract works. Studying contract management principles may just save your life.

Studying how a contract works one of the main principles in any partnership. It should also be your number one priority since the contract contains the whole totality of the partnership. But simply studying it won’t let you get away from those contract experts that know the ins and outs of a contract, that may lead for you falling to their traps. That’s why studying the contract management principles may save your life in dealing with these type of contracts.

Interact with your partner (verbally at first) to get a feeling of where they are coming from on the problems you recognized. Be professional, and attend to their matters. Then, follow up in writing (email is fine). Oppositely, it’s your word against theirs and the contract process draws on.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There might be major deal-breakers for you, but you are more inclined to get your form on those if you show flexibility on most, if not all, things. There is no way a partner will agree on everything, to give options for a settlement.

Never accept crazy terms. While you won’t get everything you desire, don’t feel pressured to sign something that’s unbearable. You can always walk away, which most parties will stop you from doing by submitting you another agreement because, don’t forget, they have put a lot of time and energy into trying to pick the best partner (you) and it’s not in their best case to let you walk away at the last minute. But, if you make the choice to play that role, make sure you mean it —because sometimes they will call your bluff.


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