contract change management

You may have heard the term but haven’t fully grasped what Contract Change Management really is

Contract change management is the beginning fundamentals of an efficient contract management, which is the sole factor that keeps contractors and clients on great terms even though the final bills have been paid. And all of the parties profit from our expertise in grasping contract change management from the views of both the project developer and the contractor.

There’s no bearing how much you carefully plan everything – if your partnership takes longer than a week to finish, of course, there will be some changes on it. Be it changes on the budget, design, technology, or even its main purpose, it’s surprisingly easy to lose control of a project if you neglect to control the contract change management efficiently. CMX knows how to weigh a client’s request for flexibility with the requirement to stay on budget and meet the approved deadline.

The term “Client scope creep” happens when slight modifications add up to a massive amount of cash and setbacks. It all begins with neglecting to realize a modification when it occurs, and it gets serious when there’s a shortage of an effective communication between both parties. With our years of experience, we can verify those changes, analyze the factors as to why it occurred, and provide the client at least an exact estimation how the modifications shall affect the whole project, with no setbacks in the future. Our customers know they will not suffer sticker shock that resulted from a faulty contract change management when they obtained their final bill.

CMX’s contract change management team involves experts experienced in buying and procurement, contract administration, cost-price analysis and contract law. We are fully knowledgeable in the DOE Acquisition Regulations (DEARs), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), and all other government-based contracting organizations. We know how to create a compliant contract change management system, and how to effectively prepare a request for Contract Modification Pricing and Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAs).

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