cloud based contract management

Scale Your Business With A Cloud Based Contract Management System

For big organizations, cloud management can be a real pain. The time-consuming duties of delivering, negotiating, returning and signing contracts can get days or even weeks to finish, specifically when term or error corrections demands sales teams to pass documents to recruits several times.

Manual contract management is also heavy to clients, and when companies make it troublesome for clients to do trade with them, they are expected to see their rival authority minimize.

So how can organizations consolidate their contract processes and make it simpler to close deals? They should look to the cloud based contract management.

Engage a legally secured obligatory contract process

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) of 2000 offers for legal certainty, privacy protection, easy document access, fraud shields, and record maintenance. The ESIGN Act means that cloud based contract management is more than just useful; they are enforceable. Moreover, the cloud presents for client verification based on IP address, e-mail, social network credentials, passwords and more. Common signatures can’t start to level the security features available via the Web.

Bring down obstacles to sales

After all the attempts an organization performs to defend a client, the last thing an organization need is an obstacle at the last step of the contract process – organizations should make it as simple as feasible to get the contract managed and signed. By using a cloud based contract management, organizations grow quicker, more reliable sales cycles and make it easier for clients to do a partnership with them.

Double revenues and increase customer commitment

With the ability of a cloud based contract management, sales teams usually see more dealings close quicker. Shorter signing cycles follow in doubled revenue since companies can provision services and products quicker and invoice the customer quickly. Because cloud based contract management produces quicker service, organizations see that their customers are satisfied. For an instance, a Fortune 500 Insurance organization stated that an 8 percent increase in its renewal rates since the disposing of an e-signature application.

Reduce sales cycles

When organizations remove the lengthy paper trail of traditional contract management, they deliver important gains in resources, convenience, and time. E-signing applications narrow contract completion from weeks or days to hours or minutes and stimulating the sales cycle frees more resources for the core business of selling.

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